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God has blessed me with countless opportunities for personal growth and enjoyment of life. The purpose of this site is to share with you the many, many positive experiences which I have had over the years. I also have a few needs. I am also accepting donatons through PayPal. Please see the bottom of the page.

Starting with July 2013 I will again start loading photographs to this site. However, they will not be full size. If you need a full size of a photo, please e-mail me. The archives will be in thumbnail only.

My prior web host stated that I was in violation of their policy. They claim that they have unlimited space now and when I hit 30 GB, that was a violation because I went over the limit. They also complained that I had photos back to 2005 on the site. In June 2013 I was going through photos from 2005 and enjoying them. I checked with another company and they said "If we say unlimited, that is exactly what we mean."

If you see any errors, please bring them to my attention.


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Deacon Michael doing what deacons do.

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Page updated Sunday 17 May 2014.

CeCe adjusts the mike for Fr. John at the 2013 Annual Meeting.
HTOC Annual Meeting
29 December 2013
17 Photos

Lisa's parties are always fantastic!
Lisa's Christmas Party
29 December 2013
35 Photos

Altar at St. Wenceslas Church
St. Wenceslas Catholic Church
8 Photos

Richard Aaron
Christmas 2013
25 December 2013

28 Photos

Chris and Christine, two good friends of mine
Holy Trinity Church Hall
22 December 2013

34 Photos

She certainly is irresistable!
Holy Trinity Church Hall
15 December 2013

23 Photos
  East Baltimore
12 December 2013
12 December 2013
8 December 2013

We were blessed in December.
Holy Trinitiy Church
8 December 2013

13 Photos

Story time
St. Nicholas Program
7 December 2013
167 Photos

This year's speaker is from China, I think. Her story is heart-breaking.
St. Andrew Program
2 December 2013
47 Photos

Ben and Vera
HTOC July 2014 picnic
Sunday 14 July 2013



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