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God has blessed me with countless opportunities for personal growth and enjoyment of life. The purpose of this site is to share with you the many, many positive experiences which I have had over the years. I also have a few needs. I am also accepting donations through PayPal. Please see the bottom of the page.

Starting with July 2013 I will again start loading photographs to this site. However, they will not be full size. If you need a full size of a photo, please e-mail me. .

Uploading pages has been a very slow process in the past.  In October 2017 I switched from Verizon to Comcast and there was a drastic difference in speed. Instead of Dreamweaver, I use BlueGriffon.  This is like using OpenOffice instead of Micro$oft Word. 

For the record, I am also a community chaplain through the Baltimore Police Department.  This is a voluntary position but it is really very rewarding.  Baltimore has some fantastic police officers.  We always hear about the bad ones, but we never see the good ones.

I'm proud to be an American.  I am not an African-American, hyphenated American, nor partial American.  I am at least fourth generation.  I have many friends whose parents came from other countries, but my friends call themselves American.  So why shouldn't I?

The Betsy Ross is in no way a reminder of slavery.  It should be a reminder of our humble beginnings.

If you see any errors, please bring them to my attention.

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We're on the way home.
Nativity Vigil Service.

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In 1984 Don Mauney, Capt, DCARNG, asked me to take some photographs of his receiving an award from First Lady Barbara Bush and then he took this photograph of us. May her memory be eternal! 
Tuesday 17 April 2018


Our new temple
Holy Trinity Church
Tuesday 23 and Friday 26 July 2019

23 Photos

Censing during the Liturgy
Three Liturgies in Four Days
Sunday 21 July 2019

7 Photos

Αχιος! Αχιος! Αχιος!
Fr. Timothy's Ordination to the Priesthood
Friday 19 July 2019

71 Photos

Fr. George and Dcn. Igor
St. Nicholas Cathedral
Thursday 18 July 2019

22 Photos

We were cativated by Fr. John's presentation.
Holy Land Presentation
Sunday 30 June 2019

10 Photos

Will the real Deacon Michael please stand up!
Mid-Atlantic Deanery
Saturday 22 June 2019

84 Photos

A view of our floor
Holy Trinity Church
11 &16 June 2019

20 Photos

Celebrant and deacons
Ascension Thursday
Thursday 6 June 2019

12 Photos

Great Entrance
St. Nicholas Cathedral - Mid-Pentecost
Wednesday 22 May 2019

24 Photos

"Thine own of Thine own, we offer unto Thee for all, and on behalf of all!"
St Nicholas Cathedral
Tuesday 7 May 2019

10 Photos

Most of the clergy at our Centennial
Holy Trinity Centennial
Saturday 4 May 2019

127 Photos

Midnight Paschal procession
Sunday 28 April 2019

152 Photos

Holy Saturday Vesperal Liturgy
Holy Saturday
Saturday 27 April 2019

42 Photos

Holy Friday service
Holy Friday
Friday 26 April 2019

38 Photos

The "High Place"
Holy Trinity restored
Sunday 14 April 2019

10 Photos

The Altar Table trough the Royal Doors
Holy Trinity restoration
Tuesday 2 April 2019

20 Photos

There is progress across the street from the District as we try to make progress in the District.
Southeastern District Community Relations Council Meeting
Monday 1 April 2019

9 Photos

We're on the way home.
Holy Land
Wednesday 27 March 2019

64 Photos

I never thought that I would really see this in person.
Holy Land
Tuesday 26 March 2019

283 Photos

I'm going to the inn the same way that Mary and Joseph did -- on a donkey.
Holy Land
Monday 25 March 2019

584 Photos

Serving Divine Liturgy at the Tomb of Christ
Holy Land
Sunday 24 March 2019

215 Photos

Everywhere we went the view was gorgeous.
Holy Land
Saturday 23 March 2019

250 Photos

Meeting the Patriarch of Jerusalem
Holy Land
Friday 22 March 2019

595 Photos

This is the Oak of Mamre where Abraham entertained the Three Angels.
Holy Land
Thursday 21 March 2019

342 Photos

Although this is not the fish that St. Peter caught, it is similar to it.
Holy Land
Wednesday 20 March 2019

407 Photos

Anastasia took photos, but spent more time drawing.
Holy Land
Tuesday 19 March 2019

349 Photos

Fr. Andrei and Fr. John have a pleasant conversation with Bishop Mefodius.
Holy Land
Monday 18 March 2019

380 Photos

Half of our Baltimore group left from Penn Station. The other half left from BWI.
Holy Land
Sunday 17 March 2019

52 Photos

Russian Festival 2016

Russian Festival
Sunday 16 October 2016

136 Photos

Russian Festival
Saturday 15 October 2016

133 Photos

Russian Festival
Friday 14 October 2016

41 Photos

Russian Festival 2015

A festival is all around the food.
Russian Festival
Sunday 18 October 2015

264 Photos

Brother duo
Russian Festival
Saturday 17 October 2015

329 Photos

Russian Festival
Friday 16 October 2017

38 Photos





















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